Dear World

There are so many places I want to see…but like any 20-year-old something that has been trying to find her way into this world money can be an issue. The one thing that’s kept me going is the excitement of traveling to a new place. This year I went to my first South American country–Bogota, Colombia–and loved it! I also managed to make a trip out to Hawaii after school ended. But the most rewarding places I’ve learned are the ones you can travel to just in your back yard. California has so many hidden treasures and all we have to do is pay attention and look a little harder.

I’ve made it my mission to go wherever my heart is happy and to not hold back this year whether that is traveling to a new country, finding a new place locally to explore, tasting new foods or partaking in a new hobby.

So world, get ready, because I’m coming after everything you have to offer!

With Love,