Dear Summer

The last few days of summer need to be spent wisely before fall comes around. Here’s one, unique activity you can do with your loved ones or friends.

Rent a Duffy Boat.

I never heard of a duffy boat until this weekend. My girlfriends and I all met at Marina Del Rey for an afternoon of mimosas on a this boat and it was so much fun! Normally I stay away from boats because I get motion sick easily, but this one drives smoothly and only goes 5 mph for a nice cruise in the ocean.

I suggest bringing your favorite drinks and snacks to make the afternoon worth it. The boat also comes with a radio system so you can have a little dance party while you cruise on the water. Don’t shake too hard though or you just might tip the boat over!

We used mason jars and a wooden cutting board to display our food in a decorative way. Simple changes like this can put a little personality to your outing.

yummmyyyyOur food supply was endless! Champagne, mimosas, meat, cheeses, fruit…the list goes on! We did not go hungry that’s for sure.

All in all it was a nice relaxing afternoon. The sun beamed down on us and the wind was blowing in our air and most of all it was a time spent with people that mean so much to me.

view from the boatSo next time you want to do something a bit different. Try renting a boat at your nearest marina!

Girls Day Out

Captain O Captain!
Captain O Captain!


Eileen making creme brûlée as we sail through
Eileen making creme brûlée as we sail throug

Kim with her mimosa and a side of bread

Chelsi and me

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