January 30, 2018

One of my favorite places on my road trip to Texas was the very spontaneous trip we took to Bryce Canyon. It wasn’t planned and it was out of the way, but the photos and suggestions from others were so enticing we just had to go!

Our road trip took place at the end of December. It was cold enough that the tips of the canyons were sprinkled with snow. It is the most breathtaking view I’ve ever seen. I can’t even fathom how something like that came to be.

Giving room to being spontaneous during a road trip will reap so many rewards. I will forever cherish the time I spent there.




  1. Bryce Canyon is north of Zion: Keep this in mind when planning your trip.
  2. You only need half a day to a whole day there.
  3. If you plan on going to more than one national park consider purchasing the annual pass. It’s $80 for the whole year and unlimited access to all national parks! This will save you money in the long run.
  4. It is about an hour and half drive from Zion, but the trip is scenic with wild life and a lake that can be seen on the way. (We saw an eagle and a beautiful frosted lake when we drove there)
  5. There are hikes if you wish to do that. It’s also worth it just to take look at it. It’s beautiful at sunset! There are different view points you can drive to.

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