January 23, 2018

January 2018 has been hectic for me already and it took a lot of will power to get myself back to writing. This post is a hard one, not for my lack of love for this blog and for writing, but because I am in the midst of a multitude of transitions. I am both extremely happy and grateful to partake in this new chapter, but I feel an overwhelming sadness deep in my heart. It’s strange to feel such opposite feelings at the same time. But alas, you did not come here for my account of hardships. You came for tips and tricks on traveling!

So here it goes:

I’ve learned so much over these past few weeks and was able to see so many unique places. My road trip started in Southern California through Las Vegas and ended up in Zion where I spent a few days and explored what Zion had to offer. From there we went to Bryce National Park (my favorite part of the whole trip), saw the infamous Grand Canyon and then stayed in quaint Williams, Arizona. Afterwards we headed to Santa Fe, New Mexico where we tried some of the best hot chocolate and delicious Spanish tapas and then ended up in Texas. Over the next few weeks I’ll be highlighting each place in a post. I’ll give you tips and suggestions for how to plan your trip.

Get ready because you’re about to go on an incredible road trip of your life!



Go before 9am to ensure you get into the park. The rangers like to close access to the most popular hikes because parking is full. If this happens to you they update their Twitter periodically.

You will need at least 2-3 days here just for the hikes

Use to book a place to stay. I used it and was able to find good deals.



Angel’s Landing : hike (about 2 ½ hours)

Difficulty: Advanced

The hike is steep and it brings you to an area where you have to hold on to chains. You can stop at anytime but if you want to go all the way you will probably be tired by the end of the hike. The view is nice and worth it!

Warning: If you are afraid of heights this is not for you.


Bring water and go early! Parking fills up quick.


The Narrows: Hike in water (whole day)

Difficulty: Advanced

The time of the Narrows will depend on you. However, if you want to go all the way through keep in mind you will be hiking through a river and the water becomes deeper the farther you go.


Tip: During colder months you’ll need to rent a special wetsuit as the water will be too cold to go through. To rent it out ask the ranger in the booth upon entrance. Price is about $53.

The Overlook: Hike (about 1 hour)

Difficulty: Easy

This hike is easy to get to and beautiful when hiking through. My recommendation is to hike here 30 minutes before the sun rises so you can watch the sun come up once you reach the overlook.

If you ever do go to Zion be sure to tag me or comment below so…I want to know how it was for you!


With Love,





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