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November 10, 2017

I’ve been very introspective lately, maybe it’s the change in weather and the time of year, I’m not sure, but I am hyper aware of the influence the media and others have on me and everyone else for that matter. I know I put too much pressure on myself…to be perfect in EVERYTHING. I’m not skinny enough, I’m not smart enough, and I’m not pretty enough. How many times have you criticized yourself today or this week? We think these things about ourselves because we hold ourselves to a standard set by the media’s influence. In reality, no one looks like those models. In reality curves and fat and imperfections are beautiful. They may not be to you but they are to those who look at you.

Today I wanted to tell you that you are beautiful in every way possible and you are enough.

You are imperfectly perfect and being perfect is highly overrated.

My whole life I would feel insecure with my skin and the white and red flaky patches that shown through because of my eczema. I used to wear long pants and long sleeves to cover it up and then it spread to my neck and I started to wear turtlenecks. Sometimes I still do get self-conscious especially when my whole face is red from inflammation, but for the most part I have come to accept and love my flaws. Because if I didn’t have eczema I probably would not be on the path I am now.

It’s okay to be insecure and have doubts sometimes, but don’t let it consume you. There’s always progress that can be made, but be happy where you are now and be happy with who you are now. That is the key to ultimate peace and contentment in life. You are beautiful and capable of anything you want to do in this world!

The definition of beauty and what is enough is up to you. Give yourself a break and enjoy where you are right now.

With Love,


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