November 8, 2017

Often times I like to travel on a red-eye to my desired destination for the sake of saving time and energy. A red-eye flight gives you the opportunity to take the time you would normally spend sleeping to travel and arrive to your destination by morning. It’s best to take red-eye flights for semi short flights. For example, from Los Angeles to New York is ideal because of the length of travel and the 3-hour time difference between cities. I could leave at midnight in California and arrive in New York at 8am EST. There’s nothing I love more than to multi-task and this is multi-tasking at its finest. It saves time and I arrive feeling well rested. Some people have trouble falling asleep on planes and even though I am not one of them I do have some tips for those who do. Here are my must-haves for a red-eye flight.



The type of entertainment that you bring with you is key. It will set the tone of the environment on your trip. I like to bring relaxing and calming types of entertainment that will help ease me into sleep. I love to bring books, relaxing music and a journal to help lull me into a relaxed state. Writing your thoughts down or reading a good book are perfect for relaxing your mind and recommended by experts to help those who have trouble sleeping.

I also love to do a mask while I’m on the plane as most of you know already. Sometimes I like to do this before I fall asleep to feel refreshed. It’s another method to help me feel calm and relaxed while on a plane. If you don’t like masks, I recently gave a friend some of Honest Beauty’s hydrating mist and she loved it. The slight fragrance is calming and it will help you forget that you’re on a plane and trick your mind into think you’re in a spa. This mist is also hydrating and nourishing for the skin so it’s a win win!



The air becomes cold and dry on planes and it can be difficult to fall asleep when you’re too cold. My advice is to layer your clothing so you can adjust your own temperature when necessary. I always like to bring a big cozy scarf or sweater with me when I travel. A big scarf can also double up as a blanket so it is multi-functional and less bulky to bring than a sweater or jacket.


I also suggest bringing an extra pair of thick socks with you. My mom always said that heat escapes from your feet and head. If you keep those body parts warm the rest of your body will stay warm! So if you have warm socks and a scarf, I think you’ll be able to stay warm throughout your whole flight.



Some people are sensitive to light and noise in an airplane and have difficulty sleeping. I suggest using noise cancelling headphones so you can listen to your music and not be bothered by the extra noise of crying babies and buzzing of the engine. For my more budget friendly readers I highly suggest earplugs. You can purchase them at your local drug store and they are under $5!

Some people are sensitive to light as well and cannot sleep if there is a sliver of sunshine around. If that is the case there are various options of eye masks that can be gently laid over your eyes so that you can sleep without any disturbance. I love the silk eye masks because they are so comfortable to wear and do not make me itchy.



If all else fails try melatonin to help lull you to sleep. It’s a more natural alternative to sleeping medications. This does not work for everyone, but it may help you. Melatonin can also help with jet lag if you are having trouble sleeping on time. I have not used it myself, but am told by several of my friends that it works for them.

These are few of my favorite things to bring with me on the plane during a red-eye flight. What helps you relax and unwind on an airplane? Comment below and let me know if any of these products helped you!

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