November 6, 2017

The opportunity to travel is a gift and a necessity in order to light up my soul and everyone should receive the chance to do so. Most people think it can be too expensive to travel and often times get in their own way from going to a place they only visit in their dreams. I am just a regular girl in her 20s. I do not make an enormous amount of money per month or per year and yet I have been able to go to many exotic places that were on the top of my wish list. I save my money in order to do what I love and it has always been money well spent. Never have I regretted such a decision. Here are a few creative ways to help you save your way to the trip of your dreams.

1.Get clear on your why

Before doing anything you must get clear on what you are saving for and why. Are you saving because you’ve always wanted to go to the villas in Southern Italy? Does your soul yearn to hike Macchu Picchu in Peru? Or have you always want to learn the ways of sushi making from Japan’s finest? Whatever your heart desires, write it down and hold on to it. I had the desire to go to Cuba on my birthday this year and I made it happen with some planning. So if I can do it, so can you!


Once you get clear of where you want to go and why you can start researching on roughly how much you’ll need in order to save. A good general rule is to save 10% of your paycheck and put it towards your trip. You can put that in your savings account right away once you receive your paycheck or put it in it’s own savings account. When I decided I wanted to go to Cuba I put a certain amount of money right away in my savings account and in no time saw it grow tremendously. It gave me the hope that going to Cuba would come to fruition.


During this time of saving, planning and dreaming about your trip you can also make creative cuts in your overall spending and substitute your usual spending habits for some more frugal ones. For example, when I try to save money I limit the amount of outside eating and spending that I usually would partake in. I like to meal prep for the week and cook some yummy meals for myself. This is a win-win option because homemade meals are more delicious, healthier and better for your wallet! Plus, if I am in a rush and hungry I already have something scrumptious in the fridge for me.

If you love going out to movies you have the option of having a movie night in with your significant other or hosting a movie night in with your friends and make it a potluck. This will give you the social aspect that you want, but helps to decrease the cost by a significant amount.

Think about your needs and wants and find alternative ways to satisfy your wants while also cutting the costs.

4.Travel jar

Whether you plan to go on a trip with your significant other or by yourself you can do this quick DIY travel tip. Create a travel jar and decorate it with a picture of your desired destination. You can grab a mason jar or container of your choice and make it as pleasing to the eye and noticeable as possible. Leave it somewhere where you will see it every day and if you find any extra coins or cash lying around put it in this jar. A little goes a long way with this tip and you can add whatever money you collect in this jar to your trip! This will also serve as a reminder to you of what you are saving for and get you excited to reach your goal.

5.If you really want to go crazy…

For those who really want to save money and even make money for your trip here are a few suggestions that I have used in the past to help me.

  • Ebates: install this app on your phone and on your computer so whenever you do shop you get a little bit of cash back
  • Coupons: Use any coupons you find for necessary items in your house hold from toilet paper to food to cleaning supplies.
  • Poshmark, the Real Real, Offer Up, etc: These are all outlet for you to sell clothes, household items, accessories and almost anything that you do not want, but are still nice enough to give to someone who really wants it. You make money and simultaneously clean up and get rid of items you do not want anymore!

These are only a few ways to save money for your travels, but there are more ways to accumulate the money that you need if you look hard enough. It just takes a little bit of creativity and discipline. The sacrifices that you make now will reward you big time in the future. So start now, choose a destination and begin putting aside money for an experience you will never forget or regret.

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