November 2, 2017

Autumn leaves, the color of burnt orange sprinkled everywhere and a brisk air amongst other things are the reasons why I love this time of year. The weather is finally changing in Los Angeles and THANK GOD that it is! My yoga teacher told me that our subconscious follows the seasons and the meaning of darkness in the weather is our time to look within and let go of what does not serve us. Around this time we often look back the year and become reminiscent of what we accomplished, what special events occurred and we also look back out our failures. This year I seem to have done that in all aspects of my life including my wardrobe.

The change of season gives me the opportunity to revamp and renew my wardrobe and here are three items every girl should have in her closet for Fall: a pair of kick-ass boots, a trusty coat that goes with everything and a statement purse.

The coat that I chose from Zara is a color that goes with everything. It’s also made out of a comfortable jersey material that allows the coat to be versatile when putting an outfit together. This jacket is perfect thickness for Southern California’s fickle Fall weather as well.

Knee-high boots are not new to the Fall season, however, when picking out a pair I am very specific from the shape to the material to the zipper details. For me, more is less and I truly love the simplicity of these Zara black suede boots that I purchased last year. The square heel gives stability while the suede material hugs my legs in all the right places. I love pairing these boots with mini skirts like you see here or even over jeans. These trusty boots are not too casual, nor too dressy and can be worn with every outfit!

Last but not least, the statement purse that I purchased from Target’s Who What Wear Collection is the best deal yet! Dark brown hues have been my favorite color lately, but what I love most about this purse is the shape and design paired with the crocodile pattern. It looks classy and vintage, like something I could pick out of my mom’s closet, a hidden treasure buried with her crocodile belts and tassel loafers. Like the other staple items on my list, this purse can go with everything and the best part is it does not hurt your bank account.

Whether it is revamping your closet for the season or letting go of what does not serve you anymore take this time to reflect, be present and relish in the change. I know I am.

With Love,



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