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October 18, 2017

Most people collect magnets and souvenirs when they travel, but I like to search for hidden gems and collect treasures that I can use for most of my life. Sometimes it’s a unique purse, other times it’s a handmade lace blouse and the last time I went to Japan it was a perfectly perfect hat. When I went to Japan I stumbled into a boutique store tucked away in an alley near Harajuku. There I found a beautiful suede paperboy hat and it was the type of hat I always wanted to add to my collection.

I found this treasure before it had been a popular trend in America and I plan on keeping it after the trend has faded away. If there’s anything that I’ve learned over the years is that some “trends” come back again, I should not worry about trends, and I am at an age where I want to collect pieces that will last me a lifetime (or most of my life).

Maybe I will not be wearing this hat when I am 80-years-old, but I surely will be wearing this hat for as long as I can. Hats have always been something that has oddly given me comfort. I instantly feel myself. I instantly feel “cool”. Does saying cool suddenly show my age? I love how it can tie an outfit together while also giving it personality.

The paperboy hat is perfect for a casual day and can be worn for a night out as well. It’s low maintenance, effortless and chic. I know I’ll be wearing it more not that the fall season has begun. And every time I wear it I will remember the splendid time I had in Japan. They say to collect memories, not things. I believe you can do both: collect things to remind you of the collected memories.

I encourage you all to wear something you love because you love it and no other reason at all besides that.

If you’re looking for a similar hat I linked some below. Brixton is one of my favorite hat brands! I highly suggest purchasing one from them if you can.

With Love,



Photos by: @jaieart

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