October 16, 2017

Traveling is the food for my soul, a way to escape, a way to learn and a way to connect. I love traveling. If I could I would travel for most of the year. However, my sensitive skin may not love traveling as much as I do. Over the years of traveling with family and as I grew older with friends or by myself, I found a few beauty tricks that have saved me every now and then.

I like to always be prepared for, but sometimes I can be forgetful and these are the times that I utilize these hacks. Other times, I must minimize the amount of objects I bring with me on the plane because of luggage restrictions or short trips, so I use these tricks as well. Here are 5 beauty hacks that I’ve learned over the years and I hope can help you next time you find yourself in a pickle abroad.


There are times when one might forget to bring certain beauty products with them on the plane. I’ve found that the same product can be used for different things or I already strategize to bring products that are multi-functional. There are products like Bite’s Multisticks that are purposefully created to use on the eyes, cheeks and lips. However, if you don’t want to buy another product you can simply use your own lipstick as a blush, lip color and even a creamy eye shadow.

Another product that you may have not thought of to use in different ways is your eye shadow or eyebrow product or pencil. If you find yourself in need of an eyeliner you can use both products as one. Sometimes I even use my eye shadow as a brow filler. Traveling can force you to think out of the box when your resources are not easily available to you.


I like to use the time I have on the airplane to pamper myself, especially since you are constrained to a small space with recycled air. I become very dry on the plane so I always bring a hydrating sheet mask with me. I may look hideous on the plane, but my skin will look vibrant and hydrated once I get off it. I used to also bring with me a travel size of Evian’s mineral spring water, however, the airlines have banned aerosols in the plane.

Another product you could use during my “in-flight spa time” is hydrating cleansing wipes. Your face will be left feeling clean, hydrated and refreshed!



Dry shampoo is usually the answer to this problem when traveling. I LOVE dry shampoo. However, I some airlines prohibit aerosols in the plane as stated above. My suggestion is to bring a travel size of baby powder with you. Sprinkle a light layer on your scalp, massage and comb through. Goodbye oily scalp. If you can bring a travel size version of dry shampoo then all the better!

Those are a few of my travel beauty hacks. There have been many times when I’ve had to unexpectedly travel somewhere and I am lacking in a product of two. These tricks have helped me get through those times, as well as, take care of my skin while traveling. If you end up trying out any of these hacks comment below!


With Love,


Special Thanks to Timothy Lambengco who photographed these lovely photos. 


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