October 13, 2017

This season, plaid print has been prominent on the runway and has made its way into stores. I, for one, am excited to partake in this fashion rebirth. Fashion designers have taken a classic pattern and combined it with slightly more modern silhouettes. I love the oversized blazers in the grey or brown plaid patterns. Slacks in the grey pattern are also great for work or a day out with your girls.

Recently I picked up this grey plaid bomber from the Who What Wear Collection in Target and am in love with it. It’s the perfect balance of casual and dressy. You can wear it with jeans, skirts, dresses and it easy to go from day to night with this jacket. This is not sponsored I just am in love with this pattern!

This pattern is also perfect for fall. Every time a new season like fall comes around I feel like it’s the first day of school because it feels like a new beginning. It’s a chance to spice up your wardrobe, wear certain pieces you can only wear in colder months and the opportunity for more autumn themed foods come into play.

Here’s how I styled my plaid bomber from Target.

Photos by: Jermaine Saunders

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