October 9, 2017

There’s nothing more appealing to me than cozying up with a good book while I’m traveling. Reading has the power to whisk you away to different realities and help your mind wander to different lands. It’s one of my favorite past times when I travel for its ability to help me relax and challenge my mind in a different way. There’s nothing better than reading a good book on the beach in Costa Rica or cozying up with a blanket and immersing yourself in an adventure while all on a red eye to New York or Japan. I carry a book with me wherever I go because you never know what will happen; flights are delayed, plans change and accidents occur. A book ensures I have the ability to entertain myself and occupy my time for those unexpected twists and turns when traveling.

Reading is an escape, a breath of fresh air and a way to visit places you haven’t been to yet. Here’s a list of my favorite books that I’ve read while traveling. Some of them I’ve finished and others I’m in the process of reading or will be reading in the future. I’ve accumulated a lot of self-improvement books, some fictional stories that will touch your heart and some that will give you a new perspective on life. Each with their own personalities I love them all and I hope you do too. You don’t have to read them while traveling, you can ready them now and some may help with the yearnings of travel.


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The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck is a humorous book that bring a new perspective to how we look at life and what we put pressure on ourselves for. It’s refreshing and interesting. This book is a light and entertaining book perfect for travel.

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Chasing Slow is a book that is on my list of books to read. It’s a book on staying present and re-evaluating priorities. When traveling I like to stay present and try to carry that over to my daily life. This book will help with that.

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The Alchemist is a delightful story of a boy’s journey to find his treasure. It will make you think and give you a new perspective on life and life’s purpose.

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Little Women  is one of my favorite books of all time. I’ve read it numerous time and it is about a family of four sisters and their journey through life. It’s heart felt and endearing.

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The Fifth Agreement is a book that summarizes five Toltec beliefs on how to live a life of peace and happiness. It’s a little more spiritual than the other books I’ve suggested, but sometimes we need some spiritual uplifting when away from work and the busy lives we need.
If none of the books above catch your eye shop some of these books below. All are light reads and extremely entertaining!


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