October 4, 2017

Honest Beauty is my go-to makeup line because of the safe, simple ingredients they use to make their products. It is my savior, but it also gives me the ability to feel confident in my own beauty rather than covering up my imperfections.

Ever since I had extreme flare-ups because of eczema I’ve been very careful about the products I use on my skin. For three months I was ordered to soak in Clorox bleach for 15-minutes a day and to stop the use of soap and laundry detergent. I was always itchy, always hiding the cuts on my neck from too much scratching and I was frustrated and worried I’d break out again or my face would swell up. I was nervous to put anything on my skin but also wanted to hide the redness and flakiness. I felt ugly and using makeup that had a lot of chemicals in it to hide my eczema was not the best solution. It was difficult finding the right shampoo, lotion, soap, makeup, etc. for my skin because almost everything would make me itchy. It’s one thing to find something safe for your body, but another to find something that is also effective.

After months of nurturing my skin back to health, building up my immune system and testing out several products I’ve finally found a company I can trust: Honest Beauty. Honest Beauty is my go-to company for makeup products because it’s not only safe for my skin, but it is also very effective (meaning it does everything I need a makeup product to do for me). All their products are beautifully packaged, has the right amount of coverage and offers an array of pigments to choose from. I love how their cream foundation and concealer melt and blend into my skin. They give me the coverage I need and still holds a natural look.

Honest Beauty products are about enhancing your beauty, not covering them up so keep this in mind when purchasing their products. Some people prefer bold pigments and heavy coverage. Honesty Beauty has bold pigment choices but not heavy coverage. Their products have the perfect balance of being able to cover blemishes, but not hiding your natural beauty. Their shadows feel like velvet on the skin and their lip crayons glide on smoothly. If you want more color simply build the product onto your skin.

I use Honest Beauty products for my every day makeup look and it leaves me feeling beautiful for who I am It does not hide who I am. I used to want to hide my imperfections, especially when I had eczema flare-ups, but now I celebrate my own beauty.


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