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October 2, 2017

This morning as I was making my daily commute to work when I heard over the radio of the tragedy that hit Las Vegas last night. There was an interview with a man who was shot in the leg at the concert and who was sitting in the hospital grateful to have lived through the experience. What struck me the most about this interview is the fact that this man while shot in the leg still tried to help others out of the concert area. At a time when the number of shootings and attacks has increased to an alarming amount and where there is great political and religious divide among many, you can still see glimpses of hope in such tragic events.

I hope you remember that you too can be the light and the love to those around you. Let last night’s tragedy become your motivation to lead lives of positive change. It can be as simple as showing compassion for others despite your differences. Everyone can donate money to organizations and charities to help those affected by the shooting, but if we can also spark change where we are right now beginning with how we treat others in our daily lives.

You are the light and love in the world around you. What you say and do affects others more than you know. Share your light, treat others with love and the world will be better for it.


With Love,



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