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September 29, 2017

Part of the beauty of being a woman is there are so many avenues for self-expression and we don’t have to stick to one. Beauty products, such as makeup, give us a chance to be artistic, enhance our beauty, nourish our skin and portray how we’re feeling that day. I’ve tried a lot of beauty products over the years and lately have been more open to exploring new product lines. Here is a compilation of my tried and true, as well as, some new finds of all the beauty products I’m loving this month.


This is my first time using Tarte products, believe it or not, and I am in love with everything they have to offer. My top products that I use every day are the Amazonian Clay WaterProof Brow Mousse and the Amazonian Clay 12-hour Full Coverage Foundation and BB tinted moisturizer also from the Amazonian collection. I’ve been in search for the best tinted moisturizer ever since Honest Beauty stopped their line of product. I needed something light-weight, safe for the skin, oil-free and something that had enough coverage in case my eczema broke out.

My solution: combine the Amazonian Clay Full Coverage Foundation and the BB Tinted Moisturizer for the most perfect coverage for everyday use.

The brow mousse is also my newest favorite (and dare I say) better than the Anastasia brow gel that I was using before. It comes with it’s own bamboo angled-brush and can be applied on smoothly.




I’ve been very keen on taking better care of my teeth and was in the search for cheaper alternatives to teeth whitening. I discovered two brands, one from Sephora and another recommended by YouTuber Kalyn Nicholson. I love both of these teeth whitening products for different reasons.

White Styles is the teeth-whitening product to use when you want drastic results in one treatment. It really works too! If you have a couple hours to spare, add this to your pampering day and your teeth will look noticeably whiter.

I bought a travel size Glo brand teeth whitening treatment from Sephora as well and I love it for quick touch ups throughout the week. It is best for traveling and on the go treatment. Put this in your purse and you can use up to 3 times a day for 3 days.

Taking care of your teeth is so important and a beautiful smile with whiter teeth doesn’t hurt either.



Whenever I want to make my look more bold or put together I like to add a liquid matte lipstick. I love liquid matte lipsticks for the ability to control the way the product glides onto your lips and the fact that it’s not as drying as a lipstick. Huda Beauty and Em Cosmetics are a couple of my go to products that I’ve been loving this month. Em Cosmetics has more “bold” colors, it has a smooth application and dries quickly. I am in awe of what Michelle Phan has been able to accomplish over the years and love her products. Huda Beauty is such a great choice for everyday nudes. I can use this product daily to give my look a more posh feel. You won’t go wrong with any of Huda Beauty’s liquid lipsticks. They are all such beautiful hues that goes well on all skin tones!




There are a few things a girl needs in her beauty drawer and that’s mascara, a good quality multi-purpose brush and brush cleaner. My go-to mascara is honest beauty’s Truly Black mascara because it has a primer on one end and mascara on the other. It makes my baby eyelashes look long and full and it’s safe enough to put on the eyes.

When putting on makeup a dependable brush is necessary. Sometimes when I’m in a hurry or traveling, I like to bring with me a multi-purpose brush that I can use for foundation, blush, bronzer and everything in between. This buffing brush from Honest Beauty is perfect for just that. I also like to use this natural brush cleaner I found at Sephora. It’s gentle, but effective and easy to use daily.

Those are my favorite beauty products for September. If you have any questions, want me to do a video or enjoy this type of post and want more comment below!

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