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September 27, 2017

This weekend was about keeping myself open to new experiences and living in the moment. How often do we rush through life without noticing the beautifully obvious? There are few moments, I think, that most people can say they truly were happy and they truly lived. I forgot what it was like to be blissfully happy and how something as simple as music, having the wind in my hair or laying down in a hammock could provide such joy. This weekend I ventured out to Jenk’s Lake for some time with nature and it was such a peaceful, joyous moment.

I’ve never used a hammock before if you can believe that and it was quite relaxing to do so. We took a ride on the bike to Jenk’s Lake and stopped along the way to enjoy the beautiful view. Then proceeded to set up camp at a spot near the lake where we saw a deer and a variety of tall trees that let the warm light shine through.

If you ever consider going camping or you’re in a need of a day trip consider exploring the several nature spots on the way to Big Bear. Jenk’s Lake is one of the many places you can visit, as well as, Aztec Falls and several other hiking trails.

I also discovered a new artist this weekend. I am completely infatuated with her and her name is Fatai. If you haven’t heard of her you should and you should click here to see her perform. This is not sponsored I am just in awe of the versatility of her voice and the talent that she holds. When I saw her perform in Los Angeles with Alex Aiono it was one of those moments I wanted to relive over and over again. There’s something magical about musicians coming together. When there’s a connection the music, the words, the rhythm they all blend together like a smooth, sweet cup of coffee.

When we take the time to do the things that give us joy we recharge our soul. And for those few moments life doesn’t seem so mundane. So I want to keep living and being present in the things that make me happy and I encourage you all to do so.

What have you done lately that brings you joy?

As Always With Love,


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