September 25, 2017


Coconut oil is a 100% natural product that is gentle for your skin, hair, nails and even pure enough to eat. There are so many beneficial ways that coconut oil can be used. The skincare trend that, I believe, is here to stay is the use of more natural products in the every day skincare routine. People in the Philippines have been using coconut oil in their beauty routines for a very long time because of all the health benefits. Over the past year, I’ve brought in more natural products into my routine and I have seen the positive outcomes of doing so. Coconut oil is one of my favorite natural products to use. Here are a few ways that coconut oil can be used, some of which, I do pretty frequently.



Coconut oil is very hydrating for the skin and lightweight so it doesn’t feel sticky when you put it on your skin. You can also use this to soften cuticles and moisturize hands and feet. For best results, rub onto skin right after a shower so your skin can soak in the hydrating properties of the oil.


This is one of my favorite beauty tricks to keep my scalp and hair feeling soft and smooth year round. If I feel like my hair is dry or damaged I like to put some in before I workout. I massage some oil into my scalp and on the mid-shaft of my hair to the ends. Then I put it in a bun to lock the moisture in while I go about my exercises. By the time I’m done with my workout and ready to shower, the product would have soaked in leaving my hair feeling soft and looking shiny for the day ahead.


On days when I have really stubborn eye makeup that does not want to come off I take a cue tip, dip some coconut oil and swipe it across my face to help remove the leftover debris of mascara and eye shadow. It is the best makeup remover that I have every used, it’s hydrating for the skin and it’s chemical free! It’s so gentle for the skin that it does not irritate my skin nor does it clog my pores. Afterwards, I continue with the normal skincare routine to ensure my skin is at its best.


I know this may sound a little strange to some of you, but I have fallen in love with coconut oil in my coffee. It is a natural sweetener and it’s a healthy fat, which helps keep you full longer AND it actually tastes good.

A few notes on coconut oil in your coffee:

  • It must be used with hot coffee because iced coffee will cause the coconut oil to coagulate.
  • For best results, blend a spoonful of coconut oil with your coffee. The result is a frothy, delicious hot caffeinated beverage for your morning
  • Jessica Alba does this so if it’s good enough for her it’s good enough for me!


This method I have not tried out yet, however, I know of a few bloggers that do. Coconut oil may help grow out your eyelashes if you use every day for an extended period of time. Take a cue tip and gently swipe over your eyelashes every night for about 3 months to see results.

Try these methods out and let me know how well coconut oil works for you!

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