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September 20, 2017

Morning routines are essential to setting the tone for the rest of your day. Even if it is a simple routine it can make a world of a difference to manifesting a smooth, positive day. Often times we get stuck in the daily, mundane tasks of every day life and we begin to feel jaded and unexcited about the day ahead of us. I know I feel less inspired about my day if I don’t add little tasks of joy for myself even if it’s as simple as drinking a great cup of coffee in the morning. If we switch up our routine or add an activity that brings us joy in the morning it can be a precursor to a more focused and joyous day. Here a few tips to help jumpstart your day with these simple morning tasks according to your needs.


If you feel you need peace of mind meditation is a great way to ground yourself and to just be in silence before a hectic day at work. It can help refocus your mind to what’s important in life and help you stay calm throughout the rest of the day. I, myself, have started meditating and I find I am more present in every moment and content in the now.


A few weeks ago I started gratitude journaling and it has helped me put a more grateful, positive outlook on life. Sometimes we can get so caught up in what’s not going right in our lives that we forget all the good that is around us. This helps to keep a grateful mindset. What we focus on becomes our reality, so if we train our mind to focus on what’s good and positive in our lives the more abundance of greatness will come our way. The gratitude journal is a great first step to leading a life of positivity.


If you need some time to relax before a stressful day at work or school yoga is a great way to slowly stretch, wake up your body and ease into your day. I started doing yoga about 2 years ago and noticed such a difference in the way I live my life when yoga was prominently in it. I was more calm, but my body felt stronger and my allergies were under control! Even just ten minutes of yoga stretches can give you the relaxing feeling that you need to move on with your day.


Working out is my favorite activity for the morning if my schedule allows it. It’s my caffeine, it motivates me to wake up early and it gets my body moving. I feel so energized and accomplished after my workout, plus the endorphins aren’t such a bad boost to your mood. If you need more energy throughout your day try doing even a 30-minute workout. There are so many resources like YouTube, fitness websites, classes and the gym. The possibilities are endless!


Sometime I want a slow morning with a little bit of me time before I’m surrounded by so many people. If I want to feel calm throughout my day I take time to sit, enjoy my cup of coffee and read a book. That’s my way of getting my mind going but enjoying the morning without rushing. When we rush through our morning we rush throughout the rest of the day. If we stay calm and enjoy the few moments we have in the morning we can carry that throughout our day. So grab your favorite beverage and a good book and take 10-15 minutes to enjoy the moment with no sense of urgency. It will do wonders for you mood for the rest of the day.

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