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September 12, 2017

Dear Friends,

When the universe wants to tell you something it hits you hard.

There has been an underlying theme in my life in the past couple weeks and it’s something that I’ve struggled with quite a bit. It may sound daunting to you or maybe you can relate, but self- love and not comparing myself to others has been a challenge for me. In this business and in this day and age it can be hard to realize when you’ve gone down the spiral of comparing yourself, but it’s rather easy with the prominence of social media.

One moment you think you’re looking at pictures for pure entertainment and the next moment you start feeding yourself self-deprecating thoughts and become unhappy with yourself. It can also be hard to realize when the ones closest to you are the ones bringing you down. I know for me I didn’t want to put blame on others for this problem and think poorly for anyone.

I realized there is a balance that needs to be made. First and foremost I must love myself, respect myself and believe in myself to get anywhere in this life. If I don’t have that then most of my relationships with other people will be tainted and it will be difficult to find inner peace. If I don’t have a solid relationship with myself the easier it will be for negative people to bring me down.

Self-love is a journey. There are highs and lows much like life and the thing I try to remember is that the most important relationship we’ll have in this life is the relationship we have with ourselves.

The universe has been knocking hard at my door to show me that there are people out there that are genuine and who love me. The universe has been trying to tell me that I’m worth it and I deserve all that I’ve been working hard towards and only now am I seeing it. But before I could see it, I had to change my mindset and open myself up to the possibility of love. Through trial and error I was able to find a few methods that were really helpful for me and I hope they will help you too.

Here are a few ways to change your mindset for the better and begin your journey towards a positive life:


Most people tend to think that where they are in life is all that there is and there is no moving up or changing. That’s a fixed mindset. Growth mindset people always strive on improving, growing and changing and they believe it is possible. In order to change your life and your mindset you have to be aware of the difference of thinking. Identify which mindset your have for certain aspects of your life and begin to recognize this. Make small changes towards an always growing, always learning belief and it will do wonders for your overall perspective on life.


The words you say to others and the words you say to yourself matter. For example, I’ve been telling everyone who has asked me how I’m doing that I am TIRED. I realized saying this emphasized how tired I was feeling and it became the focus of my day. So I began to slowly change my vocabulary to saying I’m doing well or I just need a bit of rest. This helped take the focus away from feeling tired and changed my energy and the energy I was giving off. Tony Robbins says changing your vocabulary will change your energy tremendously and can affect those around you significantly. I truly believe him when he says this. So when you anticipate yourself saying something negative next time, switch up your vocabulary. Maybe even switch it to something that is so opposite that it sounds almost ridiculous and makes you laugh. This will definitely change your overall demeanor.


Much like the above the words and messages we subconsciously and consciously tell ourselves are a major factor on how we think about ourselves and how we perceive everything. Self-love stems from the respect we have for ourselves so the words we say to ourselves is SO IMPORTANT. I read somewhere that you should only say to yourself what you would say to another person. For example, “When you make a mistake and say ‘That was so stupid!’ would you say that to someone else if they made a mistake?

Take the time to unwind, reflect and spend some time with yourself.

The mindset is a muscle and if you take 10 minutes out of every day to work on positive thinking about yourself it will significantly change your overall energy and outlook.


Do everything in love. Treat others how you would like to be treated.


Be thankful for every blessing that comes your way. Any energy you put out there will come back around and the universe will hear you.

If you’re going through anything like this and need support, comment below. I am here for you!

With Love,



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