September 8, 2017

I LOVE coffee and I LOVE going to cafes whenever I can to meet friends, work on the blog, or simply be present and people watch. (Okay, maybe that makes me sound like a creeper, but I swear I’m not!) A good cup of coffee is what makes me want to get up in the morning and what truly makes my day. It’s my “me-time” and I like to enjoy it for as long as my schedule will allow me. There are so many cute cafes to choose from and many of them are so picturesque you can’t leave without taking one for the gram. So here are my top 5 most instagrammable coffee shops in Los Angeles that also have the most delicious coffee that I’ve ever had!


If you haven’t seen pictures of Alfred Tea Room in West Hollywood yet, it’s every blogger, influencer and instagrammer’s dream. Pink walls and clever sayings give the tearoom its personality. The drinks are just as eye-catching as the store and delicious too! My go-to drink is their matcha milk tea alongside a flaky, scrumptious matcha croissant. It’s matcha heaven!



Carrera Café is a cute little café that could be overlooked if you’re moving too fast. Its aesthetic is clean and white, but it’s mostly known for the pictures they can design in your coffee. You can choose from a number of designs they offer or download the app to create your own. Carrera Café is a perfect place to get some work done outside of the office or to catch up with a friend.



This Silverlake café has a beautiful outside seating that will make any of your pictures look like you’re cool and effortless. Their drinks are customizable and are equal in caliber with Alfred Tea Room’s matcha latte. Their pastries are also a pleasure to the palette as their drinks are.



This café is most known for their acai bowls, but they also serve a good cup of coffee. If you like bulletproof coffee or healthier coffee selections then this place is for you. Their jungle theme is more like Safari chic and is perfect for snapping a photo. This is one of my favorite places to go to!



Tea Pop is another café that could be missed if you aren’t looking too carefully and it is a very pleasant surprise if found. Tea Pop has an array of teas, coffee and milk teas, but what caught my eye was the backyard. It is a haven for those who love succulents, wood and bohemian inspired decorations. Sometimes I like to take my drink of choice and a book outside to read and bask in the sun.

Let me know what your favorite café is!


With Love,


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