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September 4, 2017

Los Angeles is a beautiful place filled with hidden gems that often can be overlooked. If you’ve decided to stay home for the three-day weekend, wherever home is, I commend you for doing so. Take the necessary time to bask in the beauty of your own city or town wherever that may be I know I will. It can be difficult to appreciate where we live once in awhile when we go about our lives fleeting from one moment to the next. So I’m taking a stand for the staycation and enjoying all that my city has to offer. If you’re in LA or planning to go to LA here are a few of my favorite activities to do in LA that often are unnoticed, disregarded and sometimes taken for granted.


Muholland Drive is a well-known and well-used street. I use this road almost every day to get to my gym, my favorite pizza spot and pretty much anywhere I really love going to. On my drive I always passed this little gated area which house several tourist buses that I absolutely loathed simply because of their inconvenience. Two-decker buses piles into this small, gated parking lot. So one day early in the morning when there was no one there I decided to see what the fuss was about. This is now one of my favorite lookouts in Los Angeles. The view was breathtaking. The sun was just about to rise above the Griffith Observatory and downtown Los Angeles still looked calm and sleeping. If you go here, I recommend going right as the sun rises or right before the sunset. I promise you won’t regret it.


I think when you live somewhere you tend to not take advantage of the things that make your city unique because it occurs frequently, but outside movies are something Angelenos should not take advantage of. Where else in the world is it always a perfect 70-something degrees and shining? Outside movies happen all throughout summer and are held in several spots in Los Angeles. You can bring your own food, a blanket and a bottle of vino while you enjoy some of Hollywood’s classics.


Did you know both the Grove and Americana provide free blankets to sit on in their grassy area? They usually also have a magazine and newspaper rack for your enjoyment. Too often we are in a rush to get somewhere, but how about laying in the sun at two of LA’s outside malls? On weekends they also have a live band play to tickle your musical cravings.



Los Angeles has a number of hikes to choose from and each with their own personality. Something that I picked up recently and love is going hiking with a bunch of my friends and meditating afterwards. My friends Audrie and Breann are the co-founders and geniuses who started it and it always puts me in the best mood afterwards. Being with nature with the people you love and taking the time to sit still for a few moments are sometimes what we need in a busy, crazy city like Los Angeles.


I could write a whole article about my favorite places to eat in Los Angeles. There are so many choices to pick from: from authentic Thai, pizza, tacos, fusion, vegan…the list is endless! The best part is there is no traffic right now so go out and explore as much as you can! What’s great about L.A. is that there are places to eat for every mood. You can go upscale and refined to hole in the wall and authentic and you won’t be disappointed. Some of my favorite places to visit are Sanamluang Thai Cuisine in Hollywood, Joe’s Pizza in WeHo and Republique on La Brea.


Camping along the California coast is one thing everyone should do once in their life. There is nothing like waking up to a sunrise over the Pacific Ocean and spending uninterrupted quality time with the ones you love. The drive up the coast is beautiful as well. We spend so much time angry in traffic without looking at the beauty that is right outside our cars. I highly suggest taking today to drive up the coast if you can and enjoying the wondrous beauty that is before you! If you have time to go camping there are several spots in Malibu that you can reserve!

Wherever your heart takes you, take time to appreciate the beauty in front of you.

With Love,


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