August 24, 2017

There are so many places to see and explore in Colorado. The United States is a vast country with each state comes with it’s own personality and Colorado is no exception. Colorado draws those who love nature, snow, relaxing with a cold glass of local beer and those looking to unwind from their busy lives.

I’ve broken down a weekend in Colorado for you with several options to help you plan out your trip. Just because you’re flying into Denver doesn’t mean you can’t explore nearby cities. My itinerary will have you exploring little bits of what Colorado has to offer in the short time you are there.

NOTE: My sample itinerary is made for those who want to be present, spend time with their loved ones and are a more relaxed traveler. If you prefer a packed itinerary with more tourist attractions please comment below!


Fly into Colorado in the afternoon or night. Use apps like Skyscanner or Hopper to help you find the cheapest flights available.

If you have enough energy and time grab a drink at a local brewery. There are several to choose from like Epic Brewery, 10 Barrel Brewery or The Great Divide Brewing Company.


Boulder has a farmer’s market every Saturday between Canyon and Arapahoe street where there are an array of produce and goodies to choose from. It begins at 8am and ends at 2pm. You can grab breakfast here if you’re feeling like you want a wide variety of options. Afterwards, I suggest grabbing some tea or coffee at the nearby Boulder teahouse. Its Moroccan inspired decorations will transport you to a different world and uplift your spirits.

If you’re feeling up for it take a stroll through the park and towards Pearl street where you can peruse through shops and other festivities that might be going on outside.

And since you’re in the area stop by Hazel’s Beverage World (or BevWo as my friends and I call it to give homage to California’s BevMo) and purchase a bottle of wine or some beer for later. Hazel’s Beverage World offers free wine and alcohol tasting during your visit.

Head towards your home for the weeken, rest up and enjoy the bottle of vino until it’s time for dinner.

If you didn’t have time to explore a local brewery on Friday night I suggest going on Saturday. And if you went on Friday I suggest going again on Saturday.

Local breweries seem to be the place to be for locals and if you’ve been reading my blog for a while you know I love experiencing the local perspective when I visit new places.


Hike at the Red Rocks or participate in workout classes there

OR Tour the city of Denver and have brunch in the city

OR climb the Olympic Steps at the Manitou Incline

Brunch at Blue Jam near the Red Rocks

Fly back home

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