August 4, 2017

Dear Los Angeles,

I’ve always been a lover of the city. It’s what I like to call a beautiful chaos. I’ve never been one for strict order, neat lines and following the rules. I like flexibility, spontaneity and room for possibilities.

Summer in Los Angeles calls for flowy, lightweight dresses that can fit the lifestyle of a true Angeleno. Angelenos are laid back; yet ready to take on anything that comes their way. This Madewell dress speaks to the bohemian, whimsical side of my personality. I know I can go anywhere in the different nooks of Los Angeles and fit right in.

For me the comfort and fit of a piece of clothing is everything. I pay attention to every detail: the softness of the fabric, how the sleeves drape over your shoulders, how the midline gently hugs your waist and the flow of the dress.

If I don’t feel that I’m 100% confident and beautiful in my clothes then I don’t wear it.

Southern California is home to a part of the world with eternal sunshine and no extreme weather. The wardrobe may seem like it doesn’t change much from usual day to day outfit throughout the season, but living in a city can surely dictate the outfit. One moment you may have planned to stay in Santa Monica near the beach and the next moment you may find yourself in Downtown LA to meet a friend unexpectedly. After that you may want to stay there for a while because…well…traffic.

An Angeleno and his or her outfit must always be malleable to the situation and place he/she may be venturing too. And, of course, the apparel must withstand long rides in the car during rush hour. And above all, an Angeleno’s outfit must always make a statement to their personality and uniqueness. Los Angeles welcomes individuality and encourages it!

These reasons and so many more are why I love the City of Angels.

With Love,






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