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June 8, 2017

June is the month of inner-strength.

I chose inner-strength because I know we all are strong human beings, but there are also times in our lives where we may have doubts about our strength. There may be situations in our life when we aren’t sure if we can get through the day. There may be moments of doubt on whether you can achieve your goals. But I want you to know now that YOU ARE STRONG; you must simply believe so.

About two months ago I made the decision to put myself outside my comfort zone to learn new skills in hopes of building my inner strength and confidence in myself. Sometimes being a woman in modern times can be difficult because we are expected to do so much and be so much. We are expected to take care of the family and work, to be lady-like and strong, to be a good mother and a good wife. It can be hard to navigate what’s best for you with all the noise, which is why I decided to learn yoga.

I wanted to learn how to be in tune with my body when the world is chaotic and loud. I wanted something that would ground me when everything else was falling apart. I wanted to learn how to be there for others and help them find their own inner strength. Yoga doesn’t just make you stronger physically, but it is a practice that works from within. It has been an uncomfortable, challenging and rewarding experience so far. I haven’t exactly gotten to where I want to be, but everyday I get a little closer to my goal.

Inner-strength is something we all have and can work on improving every day.

Here are my tips for building your inner strength:


A lot of the time it takes practice and belief in yourself that you can achieve your goal, overcome your fear, or handle any situation. The thoughts that you have in your head shape the world around you and most importantly shape the person that you are. Begin by thinking positive thoughts about yourself and the outcome of your goals. Once you believe that it is possible then you will begin to achieve your goals.

If you’re having trouble believing in yourself read some motivational books, hang some quotes up on your mirror or create a dream board. Whatever you need to get you to that place. You are a badass and you can achieve anything!


Sometimes it takes throwing yourself into whatever it is that you’re scared of to get to where you want to be. I’m taking yoga to face my fear of instructing and speaking to large groups of people. I have to be sure of what I’m teaching and instruct the class with confidence, which is scary and new to me, but I’m doing it. Nothing is going to create more results than taking action. So once you start believing in yourself that it’s possible, go for it!


Everyone has the ability and room to learn more and improve. That is especially true for building your inner strength. It isn’t something that is natural to everybody. It takes time and it takes practice. Your inner strength is similar to a muscle. You have to keep using it, working it out and feed it with the right nutrients in order to get stronger and see the results you aimed for.

Whether it’s public speaking, confidence, running a marathon….whatever your goals are…I know you can do it! We all have the ability to be successful. So next time you’re feeling low come back to this post and start working on the 3 tips above. Realize your awesomeness and go for your goals!

With Love,


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