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May 9, 2017

She is your confidant, your hero. She comforts you and lays down the law. She feeds you and provides for you. She birthed you. She is your one and only mom.

Mother’s Day is coming up close and if you have no idea what to get her for her special day I’ve listed a few of my favorite things for the all around Super Mom! All these products chosen will have mom feeling great on the inside and out!


I believe all moms deserve a day off! Here’s an easy and thoughtful gift idea. Bring the spa to her. You’ll need some great scents, good-quality skincare products and a little bit of your own TLC of course. GOOP has a quality, natural instant facial exfoliant that will have her skin glowing within seconds!

Must-have products

  • Candles
  • Bath salts/Body Scrub
  • Body Butter/Body Oil
  • Facial Peel/Mask
  • Chocolate..DUH!
  • Motivational Book



For those moms who like it simple and are always on the go you can bring something fun and easy her way. I don’t think there’s a woman out there who doesn’t love makeup. These products will enhance her features rather than cover it up and bring out the goddess in her. Honest Beauty is for the modern woman who like easy to apply, safe makeup and I just love that they are all safe and effective. Add a red lip and she’ll be feeling extra confident and strong to take on the day!

Must-have products

  • Primer
  • Magic balm/lip balm
  • Blush
  • Mascara
  • Eyeshadow


Mornings are sacred in my household and it probably is the same for your loving, multi-tasking, super-hero of a mom. It’s their time to get themselves mindfully and physically ready to take on the day. If she is a morning person or loves her coffee, here’s a thoughtful and cute basket you can put together for her. It will jump start her mornings and give help center her mind for the day ahead of her.

Must-have products

  • Motivational book
  • Coffee or tea
  • Slip Eye-mask
  • Mug
  • Morning Moisturizer
  • Under Eye-pads and cream
  • Milk frother



If you’re feeling like you want to give your mom an extra special gift because you know she deserves it, you can bring her to a place that will treat her with extra loving care. DMH Aesthetics performs a variety of services that will not hide, but enhance your mom’s beautiful self. Opt for anti-aging facial treatments such as ResurFX which stimulates collagen growth or the IPL Photofacial to help reduce sunspots. You can get mom these anti-aging facial treatments for 50% off. DMH Aesthetics offers more services for the on-the-go mom and you can find out more here.

If you want more information on these services or want to book a consultation you can direct message my beloved friend and celebrity aesthetic registered nurse, Chelsi Dayrit, Instagram: @chelsidayrit.

I hope these tips and ideas helped. Above all, remember to give your mom some love in your own way. She will appreciate it 🙂 Tag me on Instagram so I can see all your Mother’s Day posts.

Have a great week loves!

With Love,


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