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May 5, 2017


I’ve been doing lot of brainstorming and planning for new and innovative content on With Love, Camille. I decided every month should revolve around one theme that is surrounded around the concept of mental health, including topics of self reflection and self development. I’ve been posting a lot about eczema lately and have been in search for a real solution. Part of the solution to having healthy skin is being healthy on the inside and out. There has been research that links excessive psychological stress to allergy disorders. Mental health and having a growth mindset are key to having a happier, healthier and more fulfilling life.

In yoga, they teach us to be more in tune with our body- how it’s feeling, what physical and mental challenges you can push yourself to overcome, and most of all giving your body some love when it needs it. This month’s theme is self-love because we all could use a little love every day. Our human nature is to give others the love they deserve but our tendency is to often neglect our body and ourselves.

All throughout the month I will give you tips and tricks on how to give yourself a little love on Instagram, Facebook and this blog.

Tip #1, give yourself a little me time this week. Schedule it in and treat yourself with your favorite food, light the candles at home and take a bubble bath, turn off your phone and read a good book or take a stroll somewhere beautiful. Whatever it is, that makes you feel good inside, that that time to do it, even if it is just for 30 minutes.

In fact, I challenge you to do take a little time for yourself every day. Maybe your can meditate or walk outside for 10 minutes during your lunch break. Take that time for yourself and start to be aware of how it slowly changes your day, your attitude, your mindset. Take that time for yourself every day and share with me on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter. I’ll do the challenge with you! Let’s all strive towards more self-love this month and less self-hatred. There are more than 3 million cases of depression in the United States per year. Let’s not be another statistic. Our minds are capable of so many positive things and we should use it to it’s upmost ability.

So give yourself some love this month and post it on social media and tag me.

Happy Self- Love May everybody!

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