March 14, 2017

Every time I visit a different country I’m reminded of all that is out there: the new experiences, different cultures, different perspectives and a whole new way of living. Japan was another one of those countries that taught me a lot.

From the moment I stepped off the plane and into Japan’s Narita airport it was clear that this country was unlike anything I was familiar with. The walk to immigration was silent and the airport was eerily empty and pristine. It was odd being in an airport that seemed to have no people roaming around the premises.

After being in Japan for a few days I learned the customs of the Japanese people and quickly realized that Japan is not only a beautiful country, but also it is also filled with beautiful people (And I mean on the inside and out). The people of Japan are very honest, helpful and organized people (I don’t think I’ve ever seen the straightest line formed for getting into the subway).

I visited the infamous city, Tokyo because where else are you going to go when it’s your first time in Japan? In February it happens to be quite cold with sharp winds that make it seem colder than it really is. I suggest packing lots of warm layers if you go during this time! Here you can find me wearing my semi-long hooded parka from Zara for those chilly days and nights.

If you’re planning a trip to Tokyo, I highly recommend taking time to venture outside the city to see the breathtaking views of Mother Nature. Mount Fuji and Hakone aren’t too far from the city and can make a great day trip if done right. This was by far my favorite trip we took in Japan. It’s not often that I’m able to be in the snow and see many hot springs near a volcano.

Because we were in the mountains, I had to prepare myself with proper clothing. Turtleneck, boots and a big furry jacket were just what I needed to keep warm.

Fun Facts: Mount Fuji is the tallest Mountain in the area. It’s actually 3 volcanoes, one on top of the other, and it is still active.


Jacket – Zara

Turtleneck – Topshop

Chelsea Boots – Nordstrom

With Love,


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