February 3, 2017


When I prepare for my trips I like to make sure I have the necessary items that will help make my journey easier. Technology has grown immensely and over the years I’ve collected a few of my favorite apps for traveling. If you’re in a new place with different people and different languages it can be difficult to adjust to your surroundings. These apps will help make that transition easier.



Price: Free

Internet/Wi-Fi: Needed

Best for: Finding most affordable flights


Hopper is my favorite app for finding the cheapest flights possible. Simply enter where you want to fly to and where you’re coming from and voila! Hopper shows you a calendar of which days have the cheapest flights, as well as, a list of the available flights.



Price: Free

Internet/Wi-Fi: Needed

Best for: Finding affordable places to stay

Airbnb is a company that most people are familiar with. I use the app because it is easier to book trips on the go. It’s easy access at my fingertips if I’ve already bought my tickets through hopper. Airbnb has many great features like




Price: FREE

Internet/Wi-Fi: Not needed

Best for: Translating signs, menus, texts or written documents.

When in a new place where the language is extremely different it can be helpful to have a translation app or two to get you through the language barrier. I use Google translate to help me when signs & menus are written in a different language. Simply open the app and take a picture of what you would like to be translated. You also have the option to translate texts or type in words or phrases you need to translate. Google translate has 103 different languages to choose from and 53 languages when offline.



Price: FREE/$14.99 after a certain amount of translations

Internet/Wi-Fi: Not needed

Best for: Translating sentences

I just discovered an amazing FREE app that translates up to 54 languages for you even when you don’t have Wi-Fi. All you have to do is speak into your phone and let the phone do the talking for you! This app is great specifically when you need to speak to someone in a different language. If you need to order food, ask for directions or where the bathroom might be, this app is for you.



Price: Free

Internet/Wi-Fi: Needed

Best for: Taking public transportation around cities

For a lot of places there are public transportation apps that can tell you when buses, trains and subways are coming. You can use this to help you get around a new city. I find it the most helpful when I want to get around myself. The app comes with maps and timetables to help you get from A to B. It also helps me learn where the geography of where I am.


What are you favorite apps? Comment below!


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