January 11, 2017

It is imperative to be as comfortable as possible when traveling. I like to find the balance between comfort and fashion, which can be a challenge sometimes. When choosing an outfit for your journey, remember to consider changes in temperature and travel time. These factors will greatly influence your outfit.

Today on Fashionably Fierce on Arrival (FOA) our destination is New Orleans in the spring.

The cold, dry environment on the plane is contradictory to your arrival in beautiful, characteristically unique New Orleans, Louisiana. New Orleans is generally a humid place as it sits on the banks of the Mississippi River and Lake Pontchartrain and is also located near the equator. And because it is springtime, there will be unpredictable rainfall throughout your stay.

So how do you dress for this type of situation you ask? The answer is layering! I like to wear a dress that is easy to move in and a jacket that keeps me warm on the plane. Sometimes I mix sporty and feminine styles to achieve that comfy, trendy look, which is where my Nike shoes come in! Here are a few outfits on my trip to New Orleans.

This outfit was really easy to put together for me. I had comfortable walking shoes that could get wet if it rained, a light hooded jacket to protect me from the stormy weather and a simple, fitted dress to still express my femininity.

I was able to go from the airport and on to exploring the city with no outfit glitches whatsoever!

Another favorite outfit of mine is an oversized shirt dress and a fringe bag. When you know it will be sunny, yet humid, it’s best to find clothing that can breathe. I let my inner bohemian out for the bold streets of New Orleans with this patterned, tie-up dress and some Soludos sandals.


What is your favorite go to dress? Comment below!

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