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December 28, 2016

Christmas traditions are part of the reason why I love the holidays. There’s something comforting about partaking in holiday activities just for that special time of the year. I’ve always loved gathering around the kitchen to eat fresh hot pan de sal (a sweet Filipino bread) with homemade hot cocoa at the strike of midnight on Christmas Eve. It’s a tradition that goes back to my Filipino heritage that I will always cherish. Traditions are intimate and unique to each family. They are the reason why we get together for the holidays and what we look forward to every year. It’s important to keep your traditions going and equally as vital to create new ones with your loved ones.

This year I’ve been feeling extra grateful for the ones who have been there for me over the years and I wanted to show my love in the best way I knew how: food and quality time. So I decided to throw an intimate Christmas brunch for my family and some of my friends from back home. I mean, what better way to give thanks than with brunch??

I’ve always believed that food connects people together. Brunch was the perfect way to start the Christmas weekend. We all pitched in and contributed our own favorite foods and bonded over how delicious everything was.

Traditions are what make Christmas so special. They’re specifically chosen for that time of year with the people whom you love the most in the world. So keep the traditions going and create new ones with the ones you love.

What are some of your Christmas traditions?

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