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Fashionably Fierce On Arrival (FOA) : In-Flight Fashion, How to Arrive In Style

December 12, 2016

What you wear on your flight to your desired destination could possibly make or break your journey. It can be quite daunting when figuring out what to wear on a plane. You’ve already taken the time to choose each item you were going to bring with you on your trip. Every product, accessory, and piece of clothing was personally curated according to your mood, style, weather and activity for each day. Just when you thought you were done you realize you haven’t picked out an outfit for the airport.

The only thing you need to know about picking out an outfit for your journey is it’s about balance. You need equal parts comfort with equal parts personal flare. In this series of FOA (Fashionably Fierce on Arrival) I will show you in-flight outfits that can go from airport comfy to on-the-go chic according to your destination so you can arrive in style.

Today’s destination is Paris.

Parisian chic is an elevated class that is also simple and effortless. I’m wearing comfortable slacks from Zara that is easy to move in during the long flight. Pants and shoes should be the most comfortable part of your outfit so choose wisely. It is important to layer, especially for locations such as Paris, during the fall. The environment on the plane can change with differences in elevation so layering shirts with undershirts can easily help you in hot to cold temperatures. My short sleeve turtleneck from Zara gives me enough warmth when I need it and also keeps me cool when the temperature rises. My Vince Camuto shoes are easy to slip on and off which helps when going through airport security and, of course, I have a camel-colored, Grace Kelly style coat to keep me warm when I arrive in Paris.

Most of all with fashion, I encourage your to experiment and have fun with it! What’s your go to in-flight outfit?

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