Holiday Gift Ideas for Every Traveler

December 3, 2016

This time of year can get quite hectic and stressful with the increase of people at the mall shopping for presents. Even once you get over the hurdles of getting to the mall and into the stores there’s the question of which items to purchase. It can be daunting when there are so many choices available and so little time to decide. The art of gift giving is no easy feat so I’ve developed a guide to help you find the perfect present for every type of traveler.


Businesswomen, entrepreneurs or just bossy ladies are particular and fierce when it comes to their traveling needs. She doesn’t have time to waste and anything that can help her do things efficiently is important to her. Items that are functional in more ways than one like a two way stole from Uniqlo is something you should look for when shopping. Here are a few more ideas that will help keep her travel items organized and on trend.



Calm, cool, collected and always on the go this woman loves traveling and wants to see it all. Traveling is her lifestyle and she will go anywhere her heart takes her. She must be ready for anything which is why items especially made for travel like this Jettsetter cleansing kit from Erno Lazlo is a perfect gift. She also loves subtle, functional, beautiful accessories to help her through the many trips she has planned in the future. Earthy tones and durability are a must.


This woman travels for one specific reason and that is to get away and have fun with her girls. Traveling is a reward and tropical paradise is a place she visits often. She likes bright, festive gear that will put her in the mood for her destination.


Thrilling adventures and adrenaline rushing activities is what she seeks. He will climb the Appalachian mountains, sky dive in Dubai or go jump off the cliffs in Santorini. High endurance, minimal and versatile items is what she needs to aid her in her journey.

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