November 30, 2016

Carry On Luggage

I consider it a great privilege to travel, but it also takes a lot of work to stay organized and ensure I have everything I possibly need for the trip. My carry on is often times a survival kit filled with supplies that will get me through the long flight, plane ride, or car ride to my long awaited destination.

Because anything can happen when you’re traveling it is imperative that I have the best accessories to help support me on my journey. My carry on luggage is the device that holds all my important items together. When choosing a carry on you should think of the way you like to travel and your own personal style. The “perfect carry on” is different for each person. Ask yourself these questions when you look through the categories: Do you like keeping your luggage close to you on the airplane? Do you prefer to be hands free? Do you dread carrying your luggage? How much space do you need? What types of trips will you most likely use your carry on for?



Backpacks aren’t just for school. They are a great type of carry on that leaves you hands free when traveling. It has been one of my personal favorites because it is convenient and has compartments for almost anything. If you like to keep your laptop, camera or any other tech accessories with you I suggest using a backpack as a carry on. Backpacks are built to hold items like these in an easy and safe way.

PROS: hands free, fits underneath airplane seat, good for laptops and cameras

CONS: Small, will need another bag for longer trips, can be a target for pick pockets


Duffle bags are perfect for weekends or short trips. They’re larger than backpacks so they can hold up to 4 days of clothes and toiletries, but they’re not so big that you have to check them in at the airport. Whether you need one bag for a short trip or just a carry on for your personal items this bag is a great choice.

Tip: When choosing a size think about what you will most likely use this bag for.

1-2 days trip: choose a width of 17 inches or smaller

3-4 days trip: width of 18-20 inches

4-5 days trip: max. width of 22 inches

PROS: different sizes for all your needs, good for long weekend trips, can fit underneath airplane seat, fairly easy to carry

CONS: larger bags will be more difficult to carry


This specific carry on is a favorite among many travelers because it keeps all items safe from damage and has the option for four wheel drive so moving through airports will be easy and dare I say graceful. This carry on won’t fit under the airplane seat but will fit comfortably in the overhead compartment. If you don’t like to lug your bag or have items that need extra care then this might be the carry on for you.

PROS: no strain on your shoulders, keeps items protected

CONS: does not fit underneath airplane seat, not hands free, fairly expensive

What’s your favorite type of carry on? Comment below!
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