November 18, 2016

Flying can have negative effects on your skin because of increased exposure to germs and dry, recycled air which is why taking care of my skin on the plane is a must for me! The high elevation and confined environment can draw out the moisture of your skin leaving you with cracked lips and rough hands. It is imperative that a proper skin regimen and strategy is put to use on the plane. Taking care of yourself is a must when traveling! Who wants to be sick, dehydrated and dry during your trip? I know I don’t!

As some of you may know, I have eczema, which causes red, dry patches on my skin. Because of this I have to give my skin a little (or a LOT) more care when I’m out and about. I’ve developed a few strategies in order to make sure my skin really gets the tender, loving care it needs to look beautiful and radiant once I step off the plane.

1. Treat the flight as a spa opportunity!

Enter the facemask. A facemask will help replenish your skin, putting back any moisture that has been left your body. I recommend using the paper facemasks so it’s less messy. If you’re on a red eye flight lack of sleep and eye bags can be an unfortunate result of your flight. For these instances I like to use eye masks to help de-puff the eye. I like to do this and take a quick nap until it’s time to take the mask off, but you can do this whenever you would like. Just don’t forget to take it off before you get off the plane!

I also carry Mario Badescu drying lotion because it doesn’t count towards my liquids and it is a spot treatment for any acne that arises during my trip.

2. Moisturize

I have two words for you: hydrating mist. Although I like to reapply lotion every so often on the plane, it can get tiring. A hydrating mist is a quick fix that will leave you feeling refreshed. There are several travel size mists you can find at makeup stores such as ULTA and Sephora.

If you need extra moisture back in your skin I like to use Honest Beauty’s magic balm for any dry patches on my face. It also blends in and hides wrinkles when you put it over your concealer AND gives you a dewy, glowing look!

3. Drink Water

Drink water before, during and after your flight. You not only need to take care of your skin on the outside, but you also need to hydrate your skin from the inside. Drinking water will have your skin feeling moisturized and looking radiant. Coconut water is also a good option if you’re bored of water. It is full of electrolytes and keeps you hydrated. Drink at least 64 ounces of water 2 days prior to your flight. That’s about eight glasses of water a day or 3-4 water bottles. This will prepare your skin for the long flight ahead.

Skincare is important no matter where you’re going or how you get there. What’s your go to skin care product?

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