November 16, 2016

Relationships are fleeting, but if you’re lucky you’ll find a handful of gems that impact your life in such a way that you mustn’t let them go. The weekend I spent in Colorado was all about relationships. One of my closest friends moved to the beautiful, mountain filled city of Boulder and my other friend and I had the bright idea to visit her and tackle Colorado in two days. TWO DAYS.

This trip was not about trying to do everything in one weekend, but about spending time with each other and being in the moment. However, if you ever wondered if exploring Denver and Boulder in two days is enough time, it is! Here is an itinerary of what we experienced, devoured, and saw in Colorado.



9:30 AM

Arrive at Denver International Airport.

10:30 AM

Grab brunch in Denver.

City O’ City was our destination for brunch and it was a delightful, vegan & vegetarian friendly place. This hipster haven put a smile on our faces with their delicious cuisine and attentive servers.


Explore the mile high city.

We decided to walk off our food and explore the city on foot. Denver is a very walk-able, fairly clean city.

3:00 PM

Drive to Boulder and make a pit stop and Beverage World (a.k.a BevWo)!

Tip: There are restrictions on buying alcohol in Colorado. If you want to make a purchase go to a specialty store like Beverage World where they also give you 4 free tastings of their highlighted beverages of the day.

5:00 PM

Unpack and recharge.

We took this time to get settled into my friend’s apartment, freshen up and rest from a long day of traveling and exploring. And of course, we caught up with a bottle of rose´ paired with some cheese and crackers.

7:30 PM

Head to Avery Brewery for dinner and drinks!

Avery Brewery has a myriad of food and beer that will satisfy any palate.


8:30 AM

Hike on Mount Sanitas.

The elevation is generally higher here, especially if you’re coming from California, so take your time on this hike and bring water. It will most likely be more difficult for you if you’re not used to the elevation.

11:00 AM

Brunch on Pearl St.

We went to Lucille’s a New Orleans inspired restaurant set in a quaint house near Pearl St. The biscuits are fluffy and delightful.

12:30 PM

Rest and Relax.

I took the remaining time during my trip to spend some serious, undisturbed quality time with two of my closest friends. The conversation and laughter we shared was absolutely priceless. In that moment, I realized the strength in meaningful relationships and I believe it is integral to a person’s life.

Traveling not only opens your mind to new areas of the world and new ways of thinking, but it can also bring you home even if you’re a thousand miles away from your original zip code. I felt right at home in Colorado, a place I’ve never been to before, because I was with the people that love me and accept me for who I am. Sometimes it may just take a little wandering with a couple of your closest friends to find yourself, but it’s really about the journey, not the destination, isn’t it?

With Love,


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