November 8, 2016


I love living in Los Angeles, but sometimes I need to get away for a while to recharge and become inspired by new surroundings even if it’s just for a weekend. It can be good for your soul to give yourself a little R&R for a few days. I highly encourage staying away from electronics, spending quality time with your loved ones and taking the time to be present wherever you decide to go. This will greatly decrease stress and increase your happiness.

Whether you’re jetting off to another place, going on a road trip or taking the bus or train, a well packed carry-on can make all the difference for your short trips.

Here are my weekend getaway essentials and tips.


Your carry-on is your friend. It must be functional, easy to bring with you and the perfect size for all your belongings. There are so many different carry-ons you can choose from. I like something that I can fit everything in without having to pack an extra bag and also something that speaks to my personality. My Wayfair leather carry-on is just that.


I’m a fan of minimalist packing when traveling, but you never know what will happen on your trip. Accidents are extremely possible or changes in plans may occur, so bring an extra set of clothes, underwear and socks just in case!


I know I’ve said this before, but especially during a short trip travel size containers or sample sizes of your favorite shampoo, conditioner, and body wash are a must when traveling! I like to use reusable travel size containers so I don’t sacrifice quality of products for a smaller convenient package.


Water is the key component of life and what will keep you feeling healthy and hydrated during your trip. You’re easily exposed to situations that can compromise your health when on a plane or in a confined space like a train so take the time to fill up your empty water bottle when you can to stay hydrated. I like to add in a package of Emergen-C to get in that extra vitamin C to keep my immune system at its optimal level!


Just because I am a minimalist does not mean I have to sacrifice my outward appearance. I can still dress well and pack light. I accomplish this by strategizing my accessories. They must be flexible and functional as much as possible.

Exhibit A- the hat. A hat is stylish and can be used for several functional reasons such as keeping your face protected from the sun, keeping your head warm when it’s cold and assist in hiding your unruly hair from a long flight. For these reasons and many more, hats are my go to accessory.

Jewelry. My advice with jewelry is to keep it simple. A pair of your favorite studs and a statement necklace for going out can elevate any outfit. I, myself, am obsessed with a good pair of pearl studs because you can dress them up or dress them down. They always add a bit of class to my overall look and won’t takeaway from my face. A pair of diamond studs will do well with any outfit as well! When going out bring that one piece of statement jewelry. I like to bring a necklace because I can still wear my studs with it and I’m ready to go!

The Watch. They’ve become more and more a staple in my wardrobe. No need for bracelets anymore. The watch is functional and beautiful. Bring your favorite watch with you on your trip. They can be worn casually or out to a more upscale event. Watches go with everything!

The secret to good packing is simply strategy. Think about what you might do on your trip, plan your outfits and supplies ahead of time and you will undoubtedly be ready for almost anything on your trip. No more scrambling to figure out what to wear, no impromptu trips to the store because you forgot your toothbrush and no more lugging around a huge luggage when it is not necessary. You will be stress free because you strategized and planned ahead.

What are your must-haves for your weekend getaway? Comment below!

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