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How Being True to Your Word Changes Everything

September 23, 2016

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Lately, I’ve noticed the remarkably positive correlation between being true to your word and contentment. Everything in your world seems to be in alignment once you decide to follow this one simple statement: BE TRUE TO YOUR WORD.

As a little girl, I had trouble with this because I was afraid my parents would be upset with me if I did something they disapproved of. I internally struggled with the decision to lie to them about what I was doing or where I was going. I admit, I still feel that way a little bit, mostly because that little girl still lives inside me and she fears disappointing them. But what I’ve learned is that it is far worse to have people find out they can’t count on your word than sticking to what you say you’re going to do.

It seems so simple, yet it can be a difficult task when faced with certain challenges. However, being true to your word results in fewer consequences and ultimately gives you more positive outcomes. Here’s why:

  1. You are being true to yourself.

Only say things or agree to things that you know you can commit to and follow through on, which means pick things that you actually want to do or say things you actually mean. Speak your mind and don’t apologize for it.

  1. Gain respect of others

You will gain the respect of others because they will realize that they are able to depend on you. By following through with promises or telling the truth a person will begin to trust you. The more this situation occurs, the more trustworthy you become and the more respect you will receive.

  1. Impacting others in a positive way

A lot of people can get hurt or upset when they find out you’ve lied to them or you didn’t follow through on a promise. It gives a signal of unreliability, fakeness, and unnecessary negativity. So, don’t lie and don’t make promises you can’t keep. Be true to your word and you will not hurt anybody you care about or anybody at all!

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