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Dear Colombia: It’s not what you think

April 6, 2016


Last year, I went to Bogota, Colombia with a friend of mine. Most people who heard I was going asked me, “Why Colombia? It’s not safe there.” They were all worried about Colombia’s history of drug possession and drug crime. Despite all this, I decided to continue the trip with good faith and I am happy that I did.

My friend, Chelsi, and I had the best time when were in Bogota. The food was so delicious, the people were friendly and the city was rich with culture.

It is true, you should probably be on the lookout for anybody who seems suspicious…but that’s true for just about anywhere you go, isn’t it?

If you want to know where to go during your time in Colombia take a look at my sample days below.

7:00 AM

Rise and shine! Head over to Monserrate, the most beautiful viewpoint of Colombia. You can see everything here because of the high elevation. You can also hike to this viewpoint if you’re feeling up for it, but just remember that you will be out of breath faster because of the high altitude.


10:00 AM


Go on a bike tour around the city. Here you’ll be able to see emerald traders, historic areas, the artistry of graffiti walls and sample tropical fruits at a local food market.


12:30 PM


Lunch! Anywhere you go, you will be able to find some really great Colombian dishes. However, I suggest going to Crepe and Waffles for dessert because they have the best selection of gelato.



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Go to a local market to find handmade jewelry and accessories, local treats, and so much more.


Coffee break! Colombia has delicious coffee. You can probably find some at the flea market.

*Rest after flea market fun and you coffee break because you will need your energy for dinner.*


Andres Carne de Res is your destination for dinner and a little bit of mischief. This five-floor restaurant has a different theme for each level, libations and mouth-watering food. You’ll find many people dancing and singing along to the music here. Jump in and immerse in the vibrant culture of Colombia!


Go home and sleep well to the sounds of Latin music drifting away as you leave Andres Carnes de Res.

This is just a sample day in Bogota with some of my suggestions. If you ever find yourself in Bogota, Colombia and you can only do one activity, I suggest going to the park and biking around on a Sunday. This perhaps, was my favorite day in Colombia. Everyone enjoys the outdoors with his or her families, friends and/or dogs. Streets are shut down and only bikes are able to pass through.



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What’s your favorite place to visit and what is your favorite activity? Comment below or tweet me @CamilleRequiest. If you want to know about what I did and what I ate during my time in Colombia check out my Instagram, @camillerequiestas.


With Love,





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